Murder of 2 Scandinavian women in Morocco

Morocco- Travel Advice:

Personal point of view about the murder of he 2 Scandinavian women in Morocco:

Moroccan authorities keep saying it is a terrorist attack however, what most people don’t know about Morocco is that women are very often abused and targeted by “gang” of drug addicts or some perverts.

Indeed, in Morocco, in the small town, it is known that women, once the night comes, they take taxi down to their home and do not talk to men to avoid problem like that.

The modus operandi also shows that it is unlikely a terrorist act, indeed, terrorists would more likely show to the world and spread videos showing they have executed European people.

There is many untold stories like that but until now it happened to local women this is why the gov and the medias didn’t talk about it to hide this “real” face of the Kingdom. Medias show only the festive side of the Morocco but their is a very dark side which is not shown.

We strongly advice women travelling in the Kingdom to walk with men they really know, to not make “friend” with unknown males, to take registered private taxi company specially at night.

For any information, contact email:

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