French armed bodyguards, dream or reality?

To all my foreign colleagues and friends: There is a lot of confusion at the moment in France concerning the bodyguards and the fact they “might” be allowed to be armed. Let me clarify. In France the CNAPS is the body that regulate the security industry.


So far, when I am writing this article,, bodyguards could carry a gun ONLY after having ask for a risk assessment of their client, and if the risk were real and imminent thet could carry a gun under the name of the client, but the process was very long.


Now, the only thing that is changing is that it is EP companies (who will have authorizations, so just a couple) that will have to provide gun and ammo, before it was the CPO who had an authorization to detain (a sport shooter) gun who was using their own.


So in the reality nothing will really change as the same risk assessment by the MOI will be done so it might take long time except for the clients who had before the right to have an armed BG. moreover the CNAPS has still not make a programm to accredite CPO’s to have a licence that can “maybe” allow them to carry gun.

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