Executive Protection Services

The current global economy leads to crime increasing more and more and it makes people who would normally not need protection obliged to use bodyguard services and to ensure an effective security service for their companies and secure their properties whilst they are away or even at home.

Crimes such as assault including carjacking, robbery, kidnapping, racketeering, stalking and also terrorist threats are unfortunately prominent all around the world.

Public figures are not the only ones mostly affected by these threats, as we often see in the news but also families traveling abroad are potential victims of these crimes.

Our security specialists will deivise a customized protective services and risk management strategy that will ensure maximum security and safety while facilitating your specific needs. With the ever changing threat levels faced by high profile individuals locally and abroad, 360 Degree Protection Ltd has developed a secure method of protecting our clients that is flexible and effective.

Our close protection services allow for unique alternatives based on individual threat levels and privacy needs.  We can provide high-security close protection services, or a proximity method for those who value the privacy and freedom that is afforded through a more discreet security profile. More than physical security we also provide logistic in order to protect our clients such as SOS devices or armed executives protections agents with lethal or non lethal weapons when it is legal.